Xarelto Induced Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reactions to Xarelto®

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Allergic Reactions

When taking Xarelto, some individuals experience allergic reactions. These can include hives, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, and difficulty breathing. If you experience these or any other side effects linked to Xarelto use, contact your doctor to discuss your symptoms and determine the correct course of action. Xarelto is known to cause a variety of side effects and has been the subject of multiple defective prescription drug lawsuits over the past few years.

Seeking Compensation for your Losses

Although allergic reactions might seem minor compared to some of the other side effects like internal bleeding and the complications it can cause, a patient could potentially suffer substantial damages for allergic reactions. If you have experienced any type of side effect that caused you to need medical care or take time from work, you could have grounds for a defective prescription drug lawsuit. Through this type of lawsuit, you can potentially receive monetary compensation for your losses linked to Xarelto use. To get started on this type of lawsuit, contact an experienced Xarelto attorney. Your attorney can examine your case and determine whether you have grounds for such a claim and if so, provide you with the guidance you need during this process.

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Xarelto® Allergic Reactons Lawsuit

More than 1,000 lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer of Xarelto®. These lawsuits are claiming that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn the public about the possible Xarelto® side effects. These lawsuits also are claiming that the drug manufacturer sold and marketed a dangerous drug, yet failed to develop an antidote to protect against the danger of internal bleeding. Antidotes can often be administered in patients taking anticoagulants to protect against the possible harmful side effects.

If you believe you believe that you have an injury claim from taking Xarelto®, contact a Xarelto® attorney. An experienced Xarelto® lawyer can help evaluate your case to determine whether you may be able to recover damages. Be sure to do so before the statute of limitations expires to ensure you are eligible to recover damages.