Xaralto Hepatitis

Xarelto Induced Hepatitis

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Hepatitis Caused by Xarelto

Hepatitis is a disease that can affect the liver. It comes in three forms: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. It has also been linked to Xarelto, a popular anti-clotting drug that is given to patients with atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes an individual to have an irregular heartbeat.

Are you suffering from Xarelto?

If you have suffered from Hepatitis as a side effect of taking Xarelto, you could have grounds for a claim against the drug’s manufacturers. In the years since it has been on the market, hundreds of American patients have suffered from side effects while taking Xarelto and successfully recovered their damages through defective prescription drug claims.

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Filing a Xarelto Lawsuit

Hepatitis is a serious disease. It can cause you to suffer physically for a prolonged period of time, accruing high medical bills and losing out on wages and potential advancement in your career. If you have suffered significant financial losses because you suffered from hepatitis after taking Xarelto, contact an experienced defective prescription drug attorney as soon as possible after you have received medical care for your condition. Your attorney can examine your case to determine whether you have grounds for a Xarelto lawsuit. If so, he or she can help you procure the necessary pieces of evidence and file your claim on your behalf, helping you get the compensation you deserve. But remember to do this in a timely manner. Every state has a statute of limitations, or a time limit, on claims like this. This means that you must file your claim within the legally-defined time period or you lose your right to seek compensation for your losses.